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Wow, I’m uncharacteristically down these past few days. I don’t know if it’s that I’m steeped in writing this memoir–rehashing the past for a living isn’t always a carnival–or what.

(And by the way, all you people who are looking for naked pictures of sexy dren, the mutant from splice, I don’t have any here. Try Google.)

Anyway, I have made good on my promise to start reading more. I also decided that it’s ridiculous to be forcing myself to finish books just because they’re popular. How many times do I have to struggle through yet a few more pages of Twilight or The Da Vinci Code?

So I pulled all the half-read and never-started books off my shelves. There were 20. I told myself I would give each one five pages to engage me, which coincidentally, is what literary agents do when they’re looking at unpublished manuscripts.

While some didn’t make the cut and went off to the used book store for credit, I loved The Pilot’s Wife, which my mom had given me.

I also read Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin. I enjoyed its delicious love triangle, although not as much as the one in her first book Something Borrowed, but only because that’s one of my favorite chick lit books ever.

I’m still immersed in Broken for You by Kallos and picked up Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yesterday and flew through 75 pages in an hour.

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