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Wow. Lionsgate bought Summit and is planning to extend the Twilight movies beyond the books.

I doubt they’ll get RPattz and KStew back, though.

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There’s this actor I’m obsessed with, Shiloh Fernandez. He looks and acts like Joaquin Phoenix and I mean that in the best possible way.

He was in this really inappropriate, really great indie film called Deadgirl a few years ago. He was also the dreamy boy-next-door in another indie film, Skateland, where he was the romantic interest of Ashley Greene (Twilight). I just love him.

Anyway, you probably don’t even know who this guy is, but he was the fourth choice to play Edward in Twilight. And I was thinking of how acting, like writing, is not so much unfair as uneven.

How being fourth in line for a role like the lead in a major franchise doesn’t net you for instance, one-quarter of the money and opportunities that Robert Pattinson gets.

It reminds me of writing. Because when some book gets 10 times the accolades mine did or sells 10 times as many copies, I expect to open it and see that the craftsmanship of the writing is 10 times better. That the author is literally and measurably 10 times funnier.

And sometimes that doesn’t happen. And yet hopefully things even out eventually.

Most people will first see Shiloh in the Red Riding Hood update March, 2011. He’s apparently the bad-boy woodsman who Amanda Seyfried’s parents don’t want her involved with. Also, maybe his big break is closer to his near-miss than it appears: from the trailer it looks like he may be a werewolf.

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