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Unfortunately I figured out why the Dating Amy site is getting searches for ‘dating amy game’.

There’s a virtual Dating Amy sex game.

Here’s some genius dialogue from the comments section. These people appear to be beta testers (insert obvious joke).

I think I found some sorta bug.
Whenever I’m at the bar with both girls and order the 2nd round of drinks. Amy says:”OK, this time something a little bit stronger. Bring it on!”
I choose “All right, that’s my girl.” and Amy wants to leave, but then the whole bar sequence stars all over again.
I found this while looking for a way to get the girls into the private pool with the bikinis on.

Gee, Amy and her friends keep letting you buy them rounds of drinks while promising a private pool party that never happens? Yeah, sounds like the game has a bug. Its name is Reality, Sucker.

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