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First I had a website, then I had 50 dates, then I had a book.

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“…No-holds-barred style” — Los Angeles Times

“Timeless. Hilarious. And mean. It’s great!” — E. Jean Carroll, ELLE Magazine

“… a winning mix of [Sex and the City’s] Carrie Bradshaw and David Sedaris.” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

When I moved from L.A. to Seattle, I figured ‘No job, no problem. I’ll be a big fish in a little pond.’ I had been an entertainment reporter in Los Angeles, after all. How tough could getting a job in Seattle be? First I tried to get a column at the Seattle Times. Nope. Then I tried for a staff job at Microsoft. No way. When I couldn’t get a job handing out food samples at the grocery store, it was starting to look like there was a problem.

Not only was I unemployed, I was lonely. No job and no money can hamper a girl’s social life. Thank god for dating and men who pick up the check. One of the best parts of dating is telling your girlfriends about it. I didn’t have girlfriends in Seattle, though. Desperate, I turned to the Internet and told my stories there.

My goal was to go on 50 dates — a date a week for a year, plus two weeks off for vacation. It was as if I had a job.

I dated a blind guy who ogled other women, a comedian who humped the table at a Jaws-themed dinner party and the son of a ’60s rock star who had Beatles sing him lullabies when his parents had dinner parties. I dated so many software designers I can’t count them and I had my heart broken twice.

One appearance on ABC News, two on Fox and a readership in 74 countries later, this particular unemployed writer got a book deal.

Dating Amy: 50 True Confessions of a Serial Dater (Warner Books) was released in 2006. It includes my 50 dates, pithy stories about being single, glamorous and having to ride the bus, plus my patented myth-busting dating advice.


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