“No-holds-barred style” — Los Angeles Times

“Timeless. Hilarious. And mean. It’s great!” — E. Jean Carroll, ELLE Magazine

“…with a voice that’s a winning mix of Carrie Bradshaw and David Sedaris, readers can be sure that DeZellar has penned a riotous paean to the virtues of being picky when it comes to men.” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“…might also be called Sex and the Emerald City. It includes dating tips, hookup myths proved and disproved, and a slew of classic dating horrors in Seattle’s most classic dating spots.” — Seattle Weekly

“… a breezy, easy read. DeZellar is a straight-ahead writer with verve, and though there is genuine emotion (and adult situations), “Dating Amy” is the type of light, sweet concoction that’s perfect for summertime. — Omaha World-Herald

“I would recommend this book to both men and women. Dating and relationships can be tricky and this book provides hope and unofficial rules.” — Armchair Interviews

“I was hooked from page one… The writing is snappy, dialogue and descriptions are witty.” — Conversations with Famous Writers

“DeZellar’s topic and writing are light and fun, but that doesn’t mean this book should be thoughtlessly tossed in the fluff pile. What shines about Dating Amy is DeZellar’s honesty and humility.” — Lucid Forge

“A fun, irreverent read perfect for taking to the beach.” — BookLoons

“a fun book for single people to read, if they are willing to take time off from the dating scene to read this. I suspect they will be.” —

“In Seattle, you don’t just run. You do triathlons… And if you’re Amy DeZellar, you don’t just date. You create a project to go on 50 dates and document it online, hoping it pays off.” (click for full article)–Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“The dating scene can be intimidating sometimes – even without worldwide exposure. An out-of-work woman from Seattle has decided to kick-start her love life by going on fifty dates and sharing her exploits with the world via her web site: Dating Amy dot-com.” –Associated Press

“The phenomenon of online begging has hit the mainstream. Yahoo! has even created an e-panhandling directory to list the people and the sites looking for a free handout… Then again, some people don’t even want your money. Amy at, for instance, just wants some of your spare time and a free meal. In other words, she wants a date.” –ABC News

“Sexy online single who has turned to political activism.” –Kurt the Cyberguy on Fox News/WB News

“The Web’s most outrageous dating site!” –TechTV

“She’s like [The Bachelorette‘s] Trista, but without the fake editing.” –WRIF’s Drew & Mike, Detroit’s #1 morning radio show

“American girl has 50 ways to leave your lover… and she’s writing about it on the Internet.” –Australian Broadcasting Corporation

“A Seattle woman named Amy is on a quest to date 50 men and document her outings in an internet website she set up. Hence the site’s tagline: ‘I’m going on 50 dates and I’m taking you with me.’ [Since] she began her quest she has dated men whose looks range from George Costanza (the short, bald, loser guy in the Seinfeld comedy TV series) to George Clooney.” –Straits Times Singapore (newspaper)

“Amy from Seattle wants 50 dates and $50,000, which she details on… Amy admits many sites generate more controversy than cash. [But] cyberbeggars are the ones laughing all the way to the bank.” –NBC’s Evening Magazine

Interviews with Amy DeZellar: radio, newspaper, magazine, and online, including mp3s.

Reviews and articles about the book Dating Amy: 50 True Confessions of a Serial Dater.


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